Coconut Oil Hot Stones

A simply delightful experience not to be missed! Our exclusive combination of Basalt Stones and Organic Coconut Oil ensures your tension melts away while your skin is deeply hydrated to the sweet scent of tropical coconuts. Choose whether the stones are used in your full massage or only on the tightest muscles according to your preference.

What Is A Coconut Oil Hot Stone Massage?

Our Coconut Oil Hot Stone Massage is a natural treatment which combines heated stones and expert massage methods to relax tense muscles, alleviate stiffness and pain, and enhance blood flow. Hot stones are placed on regions of the body of to maximize the healing advantage. The high iron content within basalt helps the stones retain heat throughout the massage letting the massage therapist control your specific deep tissues more efficiently.

Benefits Of Our Coconut Oil Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. Heated stones placed above acupressure points encourage the body’s own healing process. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both the physical and mental levels. It combines relaxing heat and refreshing coolness to promote body detox and healing. It also increases lymph circulation and helps flush out waste.

Our Coconut Oil Hot Stone Massage Helps To:

Valley Retreat BodyworksBoost immunity
Valley Retreat BodyworksDetoxification
Valley Retreat BodyworksImprove sleep quality
Valley Retreat BodyworksPromote blood circulation
Valley Retreat BodyworksRelieve muscle tension and pain
Valley Retreat BodyworksReduce stress and anxiety

This Treatment Is Suitable If You Experience:

Valley Retreat BodyworksPoor circulation
Valley Retreat BodyworksCold hands and feet
Valley Retreat BodyworksTight muscles
Valley Retreat BodyworksInsomnia
Valley Retreat BodyworksPhysical and mental fatigue
Valley Retreat BodyworksTendon pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other chronic diseases

Valley Retreat is the leading provider of Coconut Oil Hot Stone Massage in Los Angeles, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Topanga, Hidden Hills, Calabasas, North Hollywood, Encono, Grenada Hills, Reseda, Woodland Hills and Malibu. Our experts are a phone call or online appointment away. Please book your session by clicking the book now button below.